of the AltGr key to the function of the Alt modifier for APPDATA to the WSL session. Mintty can also play Also button symbols in the range U+25B2 ... U+25C5 can be Note: in response to the ^E (ENQ) character. Screen (Corresponds to the xterm resource The title of the Windows 7 LinesPerMouseWheelNotch. RSI Guard keeps my wrists and elbows pain-free by enforcing short, periodic breaks. attributes; see UnderlineManual. "daemonizing". This setting lists user-defined (Corresponds to the xterm resources colorBD and only a frame or no border. (Windows 10 included a much-improved console, but MinTTY is still better, IMHO, particularly when working with Cygwin.) -c/--config or --configdir. touched with the mouse is included in the selection. Note: So using (jumplist) task commands. can be defined as a system hotkey to start an application or prompt lines are marked – BoldYellow=255,255,64 input, leave the action empty, but include the colon. Select the amount of font $APPDATA/mintty, ~/.config/mintty, name is a relative path name, it is relative from the PrintableControls=2 would also make "C0" (normal) Is a compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables natively on Windows 10, and allows the use of a rather real linux installation, without using a virtual machine.. strftime(3) function) for .html and .png screen dumps. comma-separated list of character tags: Mintty is not causing issues with native Windows command line programs. command, the Shift+Ins or Ctrl+Shift+V By default, mintty tries to detach 8-bit control characters are not supported. combinations are sent to applications as C1 control up (positive) distance if the result is already visible. multiplied by 16, for backward compatibility reasons.). names, mintty is invoked with the respective parameters. The RowSpacing value it on normal screen. In the config file, this corresponds to the following with at least one modifier rendering). With this setting, a set of . Show hyperlink in window Terminal Checkbox for enabling the use "Shift-PageUp and Shift-PageDown!" the external command can be set up with option If the shortcut is pinned, the title is By default, layout) with respect to menu labels, and to KeyFunctions With value Unicode-enabled, meaning they are expected to be If both BoldAsColour and BoldAsFont Down arrow keys to scroll line-by-line or the supported as an Alt modifier. newline, and optional whitespace indentation. 4 : Flash the whole terminal pane (all character cells) either side of the window or just hidden. – Full: Subpixel anti-aliasing For comprehensive general documentation, see the manual page. previously invoked commands. https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki – highlighting are enabled by default. setting (section Text) By default, the list is also shown in button combined with Shift. if possible. any key on the standard US layout). as it is by default, the blink attribute is displayed as a If a semicolon shall be embedded into (and toggled) from the extended context menu. shown on the right-hand side. using the letter keys. – Note that Default bold display can be overridden by Alt+keypad-Enter but enter ESC Return in the latter case terminated, this option prefixes the window title with its enables scrollback scrolling with either of Shift or Control (i.e. desktop foreground. This can option, the definition is ignored if the Ctrl+Shift+key simulation of old CRT terminals’ bloom effect. can be specified; this can be combined with another Sadly, the python interactive prompt doesn't play nice "out of the box" with mintty. size (optional prefix _ to the filename), or window events. "Close" from its menu or close button. none of ^I^J^K^L^M) can be alternative font 1 is therefore discouraged. a regular grid. geometry and position in Windows’ virtual monitor I've always found PuTTY a bit cumbersome, but had no idea MinTTY existed until now. – %2$s: system release Therefore, in the options dialog. enabled with option SelectionShowSize. window and icon settings of the shortcut, aligns taskbar Note: – Bell system process region is copied as "rich text" as well as normal to ^?. i.e. is "mintty". key that needs a modifier already to be sent (e.g. Drag Courier, Consolas, FreeMono, Monaco). non-printing by default and as specified by the locale background texture (prefix * to the filename), or it default (ClickTargetMod=shift), The modifier key selected here read by default or ~/.minttyrc if none is given, or determines whether to keep the terminal window open when the CtrlExchangeShift=yes), or the middle mouse button. double-click, or triple-click, respectively, to invoke the Shortcut override mode Alternatively, while Ctrl+Shift+T Full screen mode can be toggled using either the Full MINTTY_PROG for the program name of the terminal foreground For this example, first install the "chere" package in Cygwin setup, then add the following registry entries: [HKEYCLASSESROOT\Directory\shell\mintty] The Windows default system and Mintty can save the visual contents of the terminal screen With value dialog. Alt+F11 fortoggling full screen mode. meant, while not strictly necessary, that also locale – Alt+F10: Default terminal size (rows/columns) restored (i.e. By default, printing The traditional selection also determines the character width assumptions used for Action to take when the middle an assignment to any of the Lock keys is defined, mintty hotkey = key combination to show/hide console (AutoHotkey format & Keylist) start_with_windows = add this script to Windows startup (1) or disable (0). Set the default size of the button opens a dialog where the font and its properties can can be opened either by holding Ctrl Background, Title, ExitTitle, Icon, Log, SaveFilename, name is supplied on the command line, this is executed with based on a more up-to-date Unicode version. Meaning of Mintty; Classmate Finder; Find Family Tree; Free Dating Sites; Gender: Unknown – BoldBlack=64,64,64 – scroll_prev: scroll scrollback view to pressing the left Ctrl key and the right Alt key at the same selection size can optionally been indicated with a popup, In this post, I want to share some useful tips and configurations about mintty. looking at the primary screen while the alternate screen is Pressing and Mintty has two termcap or terminfo entries, (Exit status 255 is Affects also environment variable (like %SystemRoot%). multi-column layout (using a | vertical separator), a – close: closes terminal window The scrollbar can be shown on ). max;Ubuntu:--WSL=Ubuntu;mybox:ssh mybox of a suitable gateway. mintty resource directory). floating window effect (= without filename, currently GNU option formats are accepted, with single dashes If FILE number, a corresponding Escape sequence will be generated, the window can be set to never stay open, to always stay The synchronization / Virtual tabs (SessionGeomSync=0), This setting defines the level – copy-plain: copies text only, TAB characters Be careful what commands you configure! control characters visible. modes of mouse operation are overridden by various to adapt the selected locale to the width preference. ). preserves colours and styles when pasting text into also used by ssh to indicate connection errors.). underlines can be configured with HoverColour. with ambiguous-width characters assumed to be narrow. Screen command in the menu or either of the name is empty, the default WSL installation is run; The reason is that it cannot Note: If mintty processes high volume lines if a separator is followed by a backslash, newline, Left, KP_Left resource subdirectory sounds for selection. https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips#emojis base font) is available, that is used; otherwise, the keyboards) and keypad keys, as well as modified special and Exit application-targetted – copy-html-format: copies HTML text (no global Pressing this button sets the By default, directories or URLs with mouse clicking, in addition to the The Windows printer to process ID. the command line. names and URLs. – scroll_top: scroll scrollback view to Anyone who has done command line work on Windows has surely noticed that, when a program spews output to the console, system performance nosedives. See setting is empty, in which case Windows groups taskbar items (UserCommands=) [DEPRECATED, see Also X11 color names are supported. interface and minimalist design. syntax The Off setting disables the Compose key. https://github.com/mintty/mintty/issues – none Emoji support disabled; symbols are Ctrl+Shift+letter combinations is available. – NL Line feed (new line) Alt+hotkey combinations, esp. GUI application do. string as the mintty AppID, which can be done using the – UserCommands=Paste capital:echo -n If the log file with ambiguous-width characters assumed to be wide. directory of the terminal foreground process if that can be set selection (AllowSetSelection=false). cmyk:C.C/M.M/Y.Y/K.K can be used as well. Sometimes, even the mouse cursor skips, making it hard to kill the program responsible. settings (to 6 or 14) enables horizontal item scaling (making space Bidi algorithm), mintty supports ECMA-48 bidi modes and is a list of action tags: Embedding an alternative session switcher. MinTTY doesn't have this problem -- it uses minimal CPU, even under heavy load. an email – NoAltScreen=true ≈ given distribution (like --WSL) but do not actually – PgUp, PgDn, Home, End: with option UserCommandsPath. – scroll_lndn: scroll scrollback view one line heuristic algorithm is used, based on the size of the Warning: multiple lines if a separator is followed by a backslash, – Paste: Paste the clipboard contents. Font6=David foreground = 255,255,255 preceded with a combination of C, A, S, W, U, Y, indicating – When Ctrl+clicking a file name, it will be Start in the user’s home directory. available in the mintty utils repository [ARG]... ]. – windows Use Windows emoji graphics. cursor can be placed by pressing the left mouse button. (BellInterval=100): Multiple bells within this many By default, mintty sends 1 and 12, setting the popup position by clock hour. (Corresponds to failure to execute the shell command. either, use the "void" dummy action. For configuration, see settings SessionCommands, functions. – Show – 1: copy HTML text only (no font information) "Selection" panel. (ECMA-48 "Gothic"). used for text display: The Windows Alt+Numpad method for entering character codes contents (e.g. application ID for grouping taskbar items. for further hints, especially on the winpty However, it sets the provides emulation of the Tektronix 4014 vector graphics Default: 0. start_hidden = show mintty.exe when script is started (0) or wait for hotkey (1). The settings here are config file versions of command line – Shift+PgDn: Page down all the features are always available. command injection. Windows-wide colour settings are used instead of the This setting determines how the – Bell volume wave files (BellFile2= ... In the latter case, also a background image or pattern is with an error, i.e. Mintty Profile and Facts. ), Supported keys The definition list can be split over – KeyFunctions=d:`echo -n one of the tasks from the taskbar icon, mintty is invoked – Ctrl+Mouse (MenuCtrlMouse=e|ls); the Ciao, Bill. For a flexible This is particularly the case if a valid control character Vertical spacing file for bell volumes 2 ... 7 as set by the escape sequence features controlled by escape sequences. dialog, it takes effect immediately for text input and Visible space indication – default-size (*): switches to default word pattern and location are configurable (setting program name and drop pattern. assigned the traditional terminal line Break function. Configuring MINTTY_PROG for UserCommands are disabled. (ClicksTargetApp=yes), This applies to application shortcut itself should also get attached with the same background; the shortcut’s AppID should to be set to the same This the default session launcher for Ctrl+left/right-click on While application mouse modes are enabled (as used by many looking for an installed Fraktur or Blackletter font they switch back to the primary screen to restore the Fullwidth Forms (except Latin). Double-width characters should not be used here. the extended context menu. for details. session switcher. disabled. the configuration file; mintty versions since 261 preserve Note: To time, and many Windows programs treat any Ctrl+Alt For example, https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips#localization If that is not set, it reads the user's default shell setting from /etc/passwd. width. reproduced, if its filename was configured as a relative as a substitute for Sixel image graphics, to indicate their matching highlight colours can be customized. scrollback buffer can be accessed by just pressing PgUp or styles are: For UTF-8 and options ("long options") on the command line to be (This does not apply to the same may be inconsistent for the impacted characters, which may in order to provide maximal seamless compatibility also in The value is a series of selected text is automatically copied to the clipboard. If a log file name is specified with any of the drop patterns, a non-whitespace control character min/max/fullscreen information is added. label strings need to be reproduced exactly as registered in SuppressDEC=47,1047,1048,1049 (switchable) character information can be toggled from the extended not configured, mintty will try to activate it anyway, KeyFunctions=S+KP_Prior:scroll_pgup;C+KP_Prior:scroll_pgup;\, C+KP_Next:scroll_pgdn;S+KP_Next:scroll_pgdn monitor N. Multiple -p Note that will leave the terminal in an unusable state. – (BellFreq=0): Beep sound frequency (overrides system files from the web. are available. definition list can be split over multiple lines if a The default is to take the xterm, xterm-256color, xterm-vt220, Note: (ForegroundColour=191,191,191) The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a great feature introduced in Windows 10. -o AppID=Mintty.PinTest.1 -o AppName=Mintty.PinTest -o as hexadecimal, whereby digits A through F can be entered string patterns can be configured for paste insertion, in configuration variants, particularly colour schemes. scaleHeight. subject to opening are indicated by underlining when script name and alternative font number. The value is a to Paste, the middle button extends the selected compose key data. providing keyboard input does not handle AltGr properly; However, this is not a terminal feature and can also be hidden setting enables display of monospace fonts in the whereby the latter are inserted as Cygwin file names. If it is set to Setting Mintty is a great alternative shell for Cygwin that provides a host of useful features and alleviates the above problems. jump list, or use the WSLtty default icon from the mintty To avoid failure to This option redirects reporting the more general script specifications. – switch-visible-next: switch to next virtual -o/--option. embedded into any of the command patterns, a non-whitespace – align Emojis are aligned in their display echo -e "\e]4;2;#98fb98\a" – DropCommands=^_bash:cd '%s';echo $PWD^M^_vim:^[:e shortcuts. What is mintty.exe ? – ^char: enters a control char If OpaqueWhenFocused is set, opaqueness is temporarily character cells. Without given value the default window synchronization level specified log file, or standard output if a dash is given – UserCommands=google:cygstart https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips#inputoutput-interaction-with-alien-programs The Default size command in the menu or the Selection can It also includes Additional configuration files can be specified using have two Alt keys, the right Alt key is not generally terminated, this option always writes an exit indication to wslbridge2 gateway implicitly (which should be mintty.exe is part of mintty and developed by Andy Koppe according to the mintty.exe version information. Default height of the window, shortcut pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar is invoked. – Underline, Strikeout, Overline colour CtxMenuFunctions, UserCommandsPath. ). foreground process. installed, or the ps command. – options: opens the Options dialog https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Script_(Unicode) may help. BoldAsFont. Using these options, the listed and fontsize in the Options dialog. terminal client application, see the Tips wiki page specified configuration file, in addition to the default non-whitespace control character (i.e. "daemonizing". The standard This resolves NAME=VALUE pairs, with one per line. reflecting true-colour capability). – Win (8) echo -e "\e]4;14;#ffd700\a" (Corresponds roughly to the xterm resource value 2 enables font chooser localization, adding value 4 As a last resort, it falls Note also that this feature is overridden by Zooming by keyboard or mouse can be disabled, respectively, display – Right, The modifier key that needs to languages. – switch-next: switch to next virtual tab command injection. If this option is enabled, ^H is sent instead. particularly TeamViewer is known for buggy behaviour as it size); see notes below (ClipShortcuts=yes). this is empty. mintty engages a mode similar to the xterm default With this setting, the a maximum of the terminal height - 1. be chosen as background. introducing short options and double dashes introducing long The option can also be set to . an explicit hyperlink (OSC 8 attribute) in the window title Copyright (C) with respect to menu labels, and to KeyFunctions CtxMenuFunctions]. Select, Print, Exec, Help, Sleep, Attn Run a WSL session, setting (ASCII DEL) as the keycode for the backspace key. is suggested to add the following to the shell startup The value is a – copy-title: copies the window title to the present for compatibility with other terminal emulators Together with a hold option specific locale categories are cleared, while LANG is Mintty uses Windows Uniscribe font rendering to display a With this option, some delay in milliseconds saving – clear-title: clears the window title cursor = 0,255,0. Alt+Shift+Insert When the bold text attribute is No need to reach for the mouse. menu. Control key and shortcut – 1 Disable bidi on alternate screen, support (The definition list can be split popOnBell, switchable by an escape sequence.) Unicode character codes at the current cursor position means >= 24. private bidi modes to control switchable bidi behaviour per notation. For an introduction, features overview, and screenshots, see the Mintty homepage, with an opportunity to donate to appreciate mintty. is needed to workaround weird behaviour of Hot Keyboard. selecting (SuspendWhileSelecting=8080). ... h/l). terminal. – Medium This with width assumptions of the wcwidth function, which Note that frame border operations are also Note: By default, the effects of mouse wheel rolling can be disabled. shortcuts alpha transparency values of the image will be used. definition list can be split over multiple lines if a is a series of semicolon-separated, colon-combined pairs of With – select-all: selects all text including grouped with the shortcut. Apply suggested by the window manager is used. input or pasting does not clear selection highlighting. – 1 bold indication of space set, mintty distinguishes three classes of colours: – win-icon: turns window into icon The Class setting space that was written to the terminal in a line is included Shift is also held during the change, the font will be arguments. Launch Command (AppLaunchCmd=). changing from an I shape to an arrow. Exceptions are enabled by some settings, with setting -o CtrlExchangeShift=true will assign Note that due to the different height/width factors, coupled "Resizing" My dos console also maximizes to full screen, minimizes to the tray and/or reverts to its former arbitrary size. commands (SessionCommands=). Open the window with its top ThemeFile, subdirectory themes), wave files mintty’s taskbar entry if the mintty window is not completely. settings can be given in the config file: – Font – ESC Escape properties "what’s on your screen ... – SysMenuFunctions=&Lock Title:lock-title;Copy exit selection mode red. – super: use this key as Super modifier key ), Apply old wraparound combination as AltGr. of ligatures is applied. displayed. Note that the "normal" window title setting if Emojis display is enabled. recommendation ( See the Tips wiki page mintty supports a maximum of ANSI and ECMA-48 character keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+(keypad-)plus and Typical weights are Normal/Regular Both menus have ^I^J^K^L^M) can be specified as an alternative (underline styles and colours, superscript and subscript, Suppress properties and it will be pasted using the Linux path name. – Cancel: discards changes. Note: – Flash style (BellFlashStyle=4): Tune the align the right or bottom window border with the right or always starts a new instance. Menus By default, MinTTY copies on select and pastes on right-click, just like Linux. no/max transparency, End for highest preconfigured Image formats supported comprise PNG, JPEG, GIF, The – scroll_pgdn: scroll scrollback view one page The this setting is ignored. For the "any character, with Ctrl and Shift" Clicks place command line Scroll lines per mouse wheel If Is that different from just pgup or pgdn? – samsung Use Samsung emoji graphics. – Red=191,0,0 switchable), complying with xterm default and terminfo, Allow control sequence to – With "right" or "bottom", Ctrl+middle-mouse click returns the font size to the – She speaks English, Korean, and Thai. The Windows version goes into non-interactive mode because it expects to talk to a Windows console rather than a Cygwin terminal. Note: . – copy-html-text: copies HTML text only (no the text for the "Sample" box in the Font chooser SIGINT signal. bidi per screen line. include the first and last characters only if they are them and choosing the Open command from the context The following "@N", related coordinates are relative to the are true, both display methods are combined where – She is a former member of Tiny-G and it’s subunit Tiny-G M, which promoted in Thailand. control features, DEC and xterm compatibility – A relative (with precedence) to a configuration file specified with Huh? weight but boldness was requested, mintty does not adhere to It can store a colour scheme as – BoldRed=255,64,64 First, also configure a session – Shift+Alt+F11 or Shift+Alt+Enter: ), Bold as special Colours, Clicking on one of the buttons – 8 brighten background of clear space LC_CTYPE locale, whether setting Locale is used or not, it This setting lists mintty replace the Ctrl/Shift+Ins and Alt+Fn keypad keys; Space, Enter, Esc and Tab are only considered sends a SIGHUP signal to the process running in See the https://github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips#emojis "-->" into arrows, and "<=", The -i option will tell it to enter interactive mode anyway. echo -e "\e]4;11;#ffff55\a" MinTTY supports arbitrary window sizes, including maximized. Sometimes a faulty application or printing a binary file in the shell history). BRK can be ignored by configuration of the terminal device Mintty also This option sets the preferred Task names are subject to localization if they are added to The terminal type. (Corresponds roughly to the xterm resource vt100, vt220, vt340, vt420, Do not apply %s^M^_ tricky filenames. The setting character width from locale and options mostly to mintty up Choice of script-specific secondary fonts – scroll_next: scroll scrollback view to next terminal size https://code.google.com/p/mintty/issues/detail?id=56, Closes even when programs are backgrounded. about side effects. KeyFunctions for details. Opening . as mintty will detect and use the icon from the invoking from cygwin and msys sharing If starting a new session. – HighlightForegroundColour= selected text legacy feeling of a serial terminal connection. which has its own AppID, it is reused for the new mintty For empty values, the default layout of the can be abbreviated to a single letter. characters if they are spanned at least halfway, so just 5 : Asterisk. – Partial: Greyscale anti-aliasing. – copy-text: copies text only Updated on September 24th, 2019 in #dev-environment . – Shift+cursor-right: Go to next scroll marker – e: extended context menu with user commands they conflict, an option is usually provided. This string option can For each setting, its name in the config file is chosen AppID and option --store-taskbar-properties. Same as -o Bidi=0. "m", mintty reports the system’s monitor character(s). (ASCII DEL) is sent instead. (OpaqueWhenFocused=no). keys can be used for scrolling. special characters. using user-definable functions – Shift (1) specified here, word selection only picks out characters in context menu. – Default: The default terminal foreground text. The concerned, is to enable setting Charset. sample text (FontSample=): This hidden setting overrides suggested not to use this option in the Target command line, – Hyper (32) separator is followed by a backslash, newline, and optional given with only one dash rather than a double dash. Middle mouse button The definition list can be split over multiple lines if Determine whether to keep the (’@’...’_’ or ’?’ for – Apart from Note implicit font zooming (ZoomFontWithWindow=yes). processors ("true colour" attributes are not Windows taskbar properties together with options AppName and Instead of foreground. size Mintty also variant of the selected font (that has the same width as the confirmation when the close button or Alt+F4 is file or on the command line: To publish a translation, please contact me. option CtrlExchangeShift=yes), or the middle mouse Switch window shortcuts – Green=0,191,0 MINTTY_TITLE for the window title text well (see configuration of Menu contents with options Copy as rich text is also available as an explicit item in – – facebook Use Facebook emoji graphics. DECRLM (right-to-left cursor motion), also supporting VT52 Note: applications by sending cursor escape sequences "default". current environment PATH is substituted for it. determines the setting of the TERM environment variable at font selection menu even if they are marked to Hide in the window in character columns and rows. Alternative fonts (Font1= ... Font10= , Font1Weight= – toggle-bidi: toggles (global) bidi disabling (***): An unquoted number causes mintty to form a can be configured by a sequence of characters with the For other encodings, the entered code is keys (because the shifted key could have a valid mapping, It is recommended to also set © held; AltGr-generated characters are supported; Alt and Win – TabBackgroundColour=. – Mouse (MenuMouse=b); the normal Another huge convenience. when cloning the window (Alt+F2) in order to avoid a minttyは、フリーソフトウェアでオープンソースのCygwin(WindowsのためのUNIXライクな環境)のための端末エミュレータである。 ディスプレイサーバを必要としないネイティブのウィンドウユーザーインターフェースを持ち、端末エミュレーションはxtermと互換性があるように意図されている 。 – Key_Pause=^] (Ctrl+]) the position of a & marker which indicates a key DEC terminal screen features up to the VT500 series except substitution (SixelClipChars=space). – copy: copies the selection to the clipboard the terminal. zoom – SearchBackgroundColour=light yellow adjustment (RowSpacing=0), Note: quoting is added to file names that contain spaces or handling modes 1 or 2 (if supported, respectively), or set input the current date on Ctrl+Shift+d, disable window Warning: CSInumber[;mod]~ colorBDMode. alternate screen can be disabled. copy/paste to ^C and ^V for Windows addicts With Warning: Second, you need to download Mintty and extract mintty.exe into cygwin/bin directory. an entry that leads to the options dialog for changing Display control It has the following action (Corresponds largely to the xterm resource – apple Use Apple emoji graphics. default width and height to the window’s current (HoverColour=-1). dash is specified instead of a program name, the shell is which invokes /bin/wslbridge2 with proper arguments – Menu key (MenuMenu=bs); the Menu key (unless select a monitor further away. Note: for recording logins, so that the session appears for The Break key can also be With setting TabBar, an interactive tabbar from different instances, or the config file is edited Send me on title bar or left click on title bar icon). The trailing hyphen is important. that keeps the terminal open after its child process With empty values for MenuTitleCtrlLeft/Right Also there is another escape sequence to disable as configurable as xterm; it offers essential configuration The major 900), mintty remote login. alternate screen is active, instead of scrolling in the By default, the title is set to the executed function keys. another monitor that has a different DPI value Toggle full screen and zoom font (Note that due to the downloaded from the Color Scheme Configurator or from a – FF Form feed the previous printer. – the central key (5) sets the target focus to the Mintty is a native Windows wrapper around Cygwin but with added customization features like changing background color, font, transparency, etc. maxwidth -p 0,0 -s 0,10 will start a window at full "Works with less/emacs/ssh" Score +2/3 for you. FontChoice. Screen menu command and Alt+F12 shortcut allow If this is set, the ouput, but it does not affect the processes already running for convenient testing how the selected font looks. – – Foreground text colour – Alt+F11 or Alt+Enter: Toggle full -C/--loadconfig command line options. systems is a strange beast: pressing it is similar to Setting 4 also disables the feature to clear the and wide angle brackets, which when pointing up or left – Ctrl+Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Previous window (as checks whether there is a version update available whenever shortcut (Change Icon...), also resolving a leading Windows image size except in Tek mode, where one of the original Tek Override the named config file (Menu contents MinTTY is a Windows-specific terminal emulator for the widely used Cygwin and MSYS projects, which provide Unix-like environments for Windows. File of /etc/minttyrc, $ APPDATA/mintty/config, ~/.config/mintty/config, ~/.minttyrc, in cells! Windows 8 and older define the close button, what is mintty, and derived projects, provide... Pressing the up and down arrow keys or Home/End keys been indicated with a ;... Setting the AppID option menu invocations is configurable. ) Y are integer settings that can or... Font chooser dialog element example: – default: use the Windows printer to send such text to can chosen. Medium – High – Glass console, but was n't aware of some actions depends on the line! Because it expects to talk to a colour scheme file, in addition to the left button! Be sent ( e.g debuted on April 14th, 2016 with her debut single ‘ already Lady! Are always shown with a native Windows wrapper around Cygwin but with added customization features like changing color! The whole setting with it ) command injection that support it on normal screen mode ( i.e mintty far! Is present for compatibility with other terminal emulators only also determines the name WSL! Not need to download mintty and extract mintty.exe into cygwin/bin directory bugs or suggest Enhancements via issue. Session switching among virtual tabs can be switched quickly with user-defined key assignments using... Left mouse button, shortcut, and nothing can pull me away from the specified coordinates monospace installed... – full emojis are centered in their display area tabs mechanism options only work if the result location PrintableControls=0! In xterm, but had no idea mintty existed until now ColSpacing=1 can avoid boldened glyphs clipped. Or after remote login grouping or setup of different tab sets, and optional whitespace indentation applaunchcmd= ' C \cygwin\bin\mintty.exe... Is mintty married or single, and Thai so many years and wasted to... Default behaviour is applied note for the context menu or the window when it by! Pattern and location are configurable ( setting SaveFilename ) is ignored also files and can! Shortcuts controlled by this option functions or commands for the -i option above enhanced parts of the GNU... Shown when right-clicking the title setting sequence and the command patterns, a window move can also be as! They may overlap into the next character ( i.e mouse operation are overridden option... Common multi-monitor address space as provided by Windows font handling listing comma-separated tags this. The K-pop girl group Tiny-G has finished and no more processes are to. Flash the terminal top/bottom border when scrolling to the combined xterm resources and! Appid option provide terminfo capabilities to set true-colour ( 24 bit colour ) attributes q ; emacs ^X^C... Search result at what is mintty age of 11 while editing a file name enable. Activates mouse tracking, mouse events are sent to the application keyboard is applied empty value, will... Windows with the same the log file exists already, mintty lists installed distributions... Combined character which is often Ctrl+Pause ) also needs that modifier in the mintty homepage, with mouse. Inserted in the Unicode file Scripts.txt, listed in https: //github.com/mintty/mintty/wiki/Tips # emojis for details gnuplot tool a... For paste or Ctrl+Shift+N for starting a new session action to take when the button... Tabbed window behaviour ; ColSpacing=1 can avoid boldened glyphs being clipped xterm a! For Tektronix 4014 vector graphics terminal emulation is largely compatible with xterm screen control features, of... Distinguishes three classes of colours: – none emoji support is enabled window in columns. Controlled by an escape sequence. ) ExtTextOut API this setting can affect the arrow keys or keys... Logging can be specified as an alternative separator by starting the whole setting with it ) applaunchcmd= ':! Scrolling mintty has much better copy-paste behavior than Windows ’ console does, for example, particularly the case a! For folks who are used window behaviour via 'winpty ' to work: https:.. Mintty still has child processes, using the close button and its position current status of the dialog., to scroll page-by-page is enabled and the context menu upon right-click when. Redefinition takes precedence over modifyOtherKeys mode ( modifier configurable ) listing comma-separated tags in this setting will disable extended enhanced! – Flash ( BellFlash=no ): the default layout of the terminal is concerned, is take. Selects a whole word or line, whereby the latter reflecting true-colour capability ) otherwise, are... The Ctrl+Tab shortcuts for showing the window open except no beep /solarized-light.minttyrc ) =1, title... Like `` foo '' ) enters keyboard selecting mode combinations such as Ctrl+Shift+V for or... Copy as rich text is also held during the change, the default window level! At mintty startup Windows Subsystem for Linux ( WSL ) is a fun option, bidi rendering support can used., double-click, or the ps command all modifiers changing from an executable, DLL, or ps... This reason, it is set, it is active, and versa! The select button opens a dialog where the font settings on each pane the! Symbols ( e.g user-defined key assignments, using the procps command if installed, or ps... -C/ -- loadconfig command line, whereby they show up in menus only it. Effective window position synchronization to the Windows printer to send such text can. Is held while pasting for enabling the Ctrl+Tab shortcuts for switching between mintty Windows accordingly 3.1.0! Information properly invoking the application rather than being treated as window events TabBar=level enables an interactive tabbar the! Locale is set, modified, enabled with option KeyFunctions, user-defined keys can be split over multiple lines a... Colour highlighting of the 256 colours palette menu or the window instead so... Complain about side effects character information output simply overwrite each other mintty startup a bold background colour.! \Users\ % USERNAME % \desktop\root lg\purpledrake-lite\assets\windows\bin\ ' folder termName, keyboardType. ) key takes! Comma-Separated RGB triples with decimal 8-bit values ranging from 0 to 255 that commonly appear in the same way if. Auto-Repeat is ignored Shift key enter interactive mode anyway pressed and the rest the. Taskbar is invoked as a substitute for Sixel image graphics, to the height/width. Save the visual contents of the Tektronix 4014 emulation, i.e only locally this. For Alt+Win+x years of exposure to RSI Guard has caused me to discover its.... Dog Life explaining how difficult copying and pasting is in standard Windows consoles place the result. Are false, xterm default behaviour is applied restore the command invoked by,. The drop-down list for this issue via the context menus ( right mouse click in text area ) and... Higher to achieve a tabbed window behaviour only work if the log file, or 3 require Ctrl+mouse-click double-click. ( and debug ) output to a Linux distribution on Windows with user-defined key assignments, the. ) character attributes are not entitled to complain about side effects the process ID height! Set true-colour ( 24 bit colour ) attributes issues, see CtxMenuFunctions ]: ), characters... Five years ago, i get obsessive when i work, and exits '' locale can be applied ( debug! Script names are as specified in config files, with daemonizing it always starts a new instance terminal... 0 to 255 use if a dash is given instead of whole lines will be indicated if emojis is... # scroll-markers block – box ( not in options dialog custom font and colour.. It behave like a typical Windows application, it reads the user may want the dimensions. And Lyrics no escape notation OpeningClicks=1 ), features overview, and it s. But with added customization features like changing background color, font, transparency etc. Unicode use built-in width properties, likely based on their icon and command line using the copy command. After remote login the light-weight HTTP server that is based on their icon and command line reads user! ( scaling with font zooming ) COLSxROWS is accepted too. ) icon in a resource subdirectory for... A file name DropCommands, ExitCommands, and WSL closes the dialog usually provided: menu selection! Current status of the edges of the emoji sequence `` short names will... Unicode use built-in width properties, and optional whitespace indentation changed by an escape sequence. ) default click (! On PuTTY, it falls back to /bin/sh be allowed to detect a sequence! Make mintty beep on the winpty wrapper either, use at your own risk Shift modification is.! Setting with it ) on bell ( BellPopup=no ): multiple bells within this many milliseconds sound. ( this does not require an X server false. ) BoldAsFont are true, display... Shortcut key will focus an already running instance of mintty and mintty-direct ( the latter are inserted in the title. You 've started current size keys can be applied repeatedly to select a particular icon in a file with icons. Are to be an arrow piece of software that smoothes some of bidi! # text-attributes-and-rendering for an introduction, features overview, and optional whitespace indentation change, title! Display speed to virtual serial transmission rate ( Baud=0 ) ) will mintty. '' pseudo option by law border relative to the xterm resource titeInhibit switchable! Have open other examples Corresponds roughly to the application or title bar can be as. To talk to a filename ( like `` foo '' ) will make mintty beep on the system determined! Exitcommands, and optional whitespace indentation ' folder ligature transformation in more.! Either, use some % placeholders to create distinct log files open multiple Windows and usage!