Integrated Safety Features Safety Handle, Retained … Time for a tire rotation, major engine repairs? … There are no user serviceable parts on or inside wrench. More Info. 1/2” Impact Wrench with 2” Extended Anvil. Square Sizes 3/4" to 2 1/2" Weight 2.2 - 32.5 Kg 4.2 to 71.6 lbs . While there, you can also sign up for ... a torque wrench to achieve proper bolt loading. $29.95. Previous page. It is typically measured […] lbs. All Digital Torque Wrenches are calibrated in accordance with ISO 6789:2003 and are supplied with a fully traceable calibration certificate. 3/8" Nitrocat Composite Impact Wrench. Got one to sell? It's a good gun, I highly recommend if u know how to determine how much torque is needed, cause it will break a stud in a blink of a eye. Exploded view diagram provided for illustration purposes only. There is 11 different models from 1 Nm to 2000 Nm. CRAFTSMAN® 1/2 in. Torque Range 202 to 39,681 Nm 149 to 29,267 lb.ft . I figured it was due a refresh and more visibility. X-4 TORQUE MULTIPLIER PARTS DIAGRAM (FOR ALL MODELS EXCEPT TD-1200) X-4 TORQUE MULTIPLIER PARTS LISTS (FOR ALL MODELS EXCEPT TD-1200) Drawing Item Part Description Part No. TD1500 Part No. Discover the CDI torque wrench replacement parts you need at Pro Torque Tools. You May Also Like. This wrench was built to ensure high quality output from its first day to its last. Select the socket required for your work. 3. We offer several ratcheting repair kits to be used with your CDI products. In this 'ible I will go over how I fixed my torque wrench (a cheapo-clicky style I got from an auto-parts … $14.85. Torque wrench for roof bar set, 6nm with hs code Skip to Content. PROTO® engineers and manufactures industrial tools that are safe, reliable, and made in the USA. Snap-on Flank Drive wrenches move the contact away from the corners with a radius for better flat-to-flat contact and up to 20% more turning power. storing torque wrench. If any damage is found, notify carrier and HTL immediately. More Info. Durability This steel hammer case and metal housing make the 212 Impact Wrench as durable as it is efficient. CRAFTSMAN Breaker Bar, 15-Inch with 1/2-Inch Drive … Put simply, torque is the amount of rotational force that causes rotation. the snap on I use with my bearing press tool and axle nuts, and big heavy duty trucks. Torque-To-Angle Indicator (Part … We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! NOTE: Do not exceed the maximum torque … More items to explore. parts list and diagram please read the following carefully lease read the following carefully lease read the following carefull the manufacturer and/or distributor has provided the parts list and assembly diagram in this manual as a reference tool only. INSPECTION: Visually inspect all components for shipping damage. Typically, a torque wrench can be used to generate torque … TECHANGLE wrenches do the job of multiple wrenches and angle gauges; combines ability of electronic torque and angle wrench to complete precise "torque plus turn" specifications. This value of torque is displayed on the associated meter or dial. 1375-XL. Our motor is built right in the handle, so no longer the hassle of bringing a heavy and expensive … 1375-XL Manual. Digital Torque Wrench with High Tolenrance and Performance. TD2000 Part No. Torque Wrench Loaders for TED Series. Find a parts list of all Aircat tools here by SKU, product name and manual. The wrench has few components, and all critical parts are welded together at assembly. TD1000R Part No. • Periodic recalibration is necessary to maintain accuracy of any torque wrench. The air cat it my daily driver, fast , easy on my wrist, and easy on my ears. or Newton-meters (Nm). 835 Meridian St. Irwindale. Shop for Craftsman Wrench parts today. Parts shown and assembly may differ slightly based on model. CA 91010 Tel: 626-359 … ASME B107.14M specifies that accuracy is maintained through 5000 cycles for click-type torque wrenches. Electronic Ratcheting Wrenches. Visit www. Torque Wrench Repair Kit 5324S75 parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! Calibration: TW-5 and TW-6 Torque Wrenches have moving parts that may require service after extended use. 1350-XL Manual. Remove torque wrench from shipping container. Slide … Read … Place the tool on the bolt or nut. Access This eliminates guesswork and assures more consistent results. 1355-XL Manual. If possible, do not use any extensions because they may distort the torque applied to a bolt. A PC based data management software is provided with every digital tool, with features including SPC, export options and … More Info. 1/2” Impact Wrench. 1431. Do not disassemble any part of torque wrench. LW750 Part No. The torque wrench may display the torque being applied in foot-pounds (ft. 1431 Manual . OPERATING THE TORQUE WRENCH 1. Micrometer torque wrenches offer hassle-free locking while digital models convert torque from ft./lb. access to parts reference. 5. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Spare Parts List 21 Pressure/Torque Conversion Chart 22 HTL-Operating-Instructions-DS.indd 3 11/04/2017 10:15. It can withstand repeated drops and harsh environments with ease. or contact Park Tool at 651-777-6868 for additional information. Read More. ), inch-pounds (in. Tohnichi supplies consumable parts for all its standard products, facilitating prompt repair by users and service agents. Accuracy: The TW-5 and TW-6 are calibrated to be ac-curate to … 4. Any tool that can be used to tighten a nut or bolt to a specific torque is known as a torque wrench. and 3/8 in. If your tool is over 5 years old, the part numbers may have changed due to Tohnichi's commitment for continual improvement. TORQUE SCREWDRIVERS. Find genuine replacement parts along with great repair advice and 365 day returns. Dial Torque Wrenches. Buy 2021 Audi S6 TORQUE WRENCH. … Online Torque Conversion Calculator Online Bolt Torque Calculator. Quick view. Check out our huge inventory of new and reconditioned tools, tool parts, and accessories. 1/2" Nitrocat Composite Impact Wrench. Torque Wrench Management and Loss Fees If periodic torque wrench calibrations are done only once a year with a torque wrench tester, the accuracy of those wrenches will be unknown until the next calibration, 12 months later. Attach the socket fi rmly to the square drive of the torque wrench, it will be held in place by the ball stop of the square drive. Torque wrench. 2. The kit may include multiple parts; refer to your parts diagram for a complete list of parts included › See more product details. 6PAG3~ 6PAG9, 6PAH0~6PAH9, 6PAJ0~ Westward Operating Instructions and Parts Manual 6PAJ2, 10L414~10L424 Micrometer Torque Wrench General Safety Information Your torque wrench was calibrated and tested before leaving the factory and is guaranteed to meet or exceed ASME B107.14 standard. $10.00 . Setting the tool requires only fingertip force since the adjustment mechanism is not under load. Recalibrate every 6 months or more depending on use. neither the manufacturer or distributor makes any representation or warranty of any kind to the buyer that he or she is qualified to … • Read additional safety precautions on pages M1 to M4, … to Nm with a touch of a button. 1355-XL. TD2500 1 Input Pinion -02 -02 -02 -02 -02 -02 2 Input "O" Ring -10 -10 -10 -10 -10 3 Input Carrier … 1431-2. ARI2056-4 Li-ion 18V 1/2" Super-Torque Impact Wrench Service Parts List ARI2044B Li-ion 18V 3/8" Angle Impact Wrench wl Digital Wrench Service Parts List ARI2060 Li-ion 18V 1/2" Impact Wrench w/ Digital Clutch Service Parts List ARI2061B Li-ion 18V 1/2" Impact Wrench Service Parts List ARI2064B Li-ion 18V 1/2" Impact Wrench w/ Digital Clutch Service Parts List Ratchet … Over-torque can cause wear or premature failure of a bolt or nut from overstress on threaded areas REQUIRED PRACTICES NOTE: Make sure that the torque applied is for the size of the bolt shank not the wrench size. Vintage Craftsman Torque Wrench 0-100 Ft Lbs #9-44481 1/2" Drive sears 944481. • Do not replace worn parts individually; use entire contents of the service kit. *Image is representative of product, but may vary … to in/lb. in a diagram at the end of each section indicating a typical section where the limit is applicable. The thunder gun I use for a lot of front end parts, and cars with steel rims. Contact Us . Vintage Sears Craftsman NOS Torque Wrench 9-44642 1/2" Drive SAE Metric Standard. drive torque wrenches adjust quickly and accurately. 231C Air Impact Wrench - Parts List Item Part Description Part Number Item Part Description Part Number 1 Motor Housing 231C-A40 29 Vane Packet (Set of 6 Vanes) 2131-42A-6 2 Warning Label WARNING-2-99 30 Front End Plate 131-11 3 Grease Fitting 131-188 31 Rear End Plate 131-12 4 Reverse Valve Bushing Assembly 231-A330 32 End Plate Gasket PF800-283 5 Reverse Valve … There is no need to "work in" a C series torque wrench before using it the first time.