Ghiyas-ud-din Balban b. Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq c. Muhammad-bin-Tughluq 5- Whose queen was Rani Padmini? Answer the following: Question 1. Balban believed that people become rebellions if the distance between royalty and people is not maintained. [2] There were large scale conversions to Islam in Punjab under his reign. “A great warrior; ruler and statesman who saved the infant Muslim state from extinction at a critical time, Balban will ever remain a great figure in medieval Indian history”-Dr. Iswari Prasad. The Khwaja brought him to Delhi where he and the other slaves were bought by Sultan Shams-ud-din Iltutmish, himself a captured Ilbari Turk in origin, in 1232. His period has been marked as an illustrious chapter in the history of Likewise, the revolt of Khokhars in Salt ranges also disturbed the routine life of people. Balban wanted to make the institution of kingship a live institution and believed in maintaining the distance between king and people. Ghiyas ud din Balban (Reign: 1266 – 1287) The next notable ruler after Razia. 2020 was the toughest year for Pakistan. Balban employed spies, barids, to inform on his officials. Examine the rule of Balban. Balban remained in power for about forty years—twenty years as Naib of the Sultan and twenty years as the Sultan of Delhi. In short, Balban transformed, loosely knit, decentralized government into a highly centralized government under the control of an autocratic king. Answer: (c) Question 15: “Prem Vatika” poems on the life of Krishna, were composed by a) Bihari b) Surdas c) Raskhan d) Kabir. Balban belonged to the famous group of 40 Turkic slaves of Iltutmish.[1]. Answer: Balban ascended the throne in 1266 A.D. This could be achieved because his cavalry horses were better suited to Indian climate and naturally bred larger than Mongol's horses. Belonged to Qarauna Turk tribe, mixed tribe of Turk & Mongol stock. Balban believed that religion should be an essential part of kingship. He was the wazir of the grandson of Iltutmish, Nasir-ud-din-Mahmud. He founded the city of Tughluqabad.His reign was cut short after five years when he died under mysterious circumstances in 1325. He was purchased as a slave by Iltutmish. No laugh was allowed in front of the king. He routed the Mewats that harassed Delhi and reconquered Bengal, all while successfully facing the Mongol threat, a struggle that cost his son and heir's life. a. Rana Amar Singh b. Rana Pratap Singh c. Rana Ratan Singh [B] State whether the following statement are true or false. The latter then brought him to Delhi in 1232 along with other slaves, and all of them were purchased by Iltutmish. He re-organised the revenues of the Iqatadars, which have been passed on to the children of their original holders from the time of Shams ud-din, or maintained their hold of the Iqta even after they ceased to serve in the military. VII. Answer the following. He like his master Iltutmish rose to power and became the Sultan of Delhi. Write a note on Razia. He belonged to the Ilbari tribe of a well-to-do Turk family. He belonged to Slave Dyansty (Mamluk Dynasty). He was captured by the Mongols in early life and sold to slavery to one Jamal-ud-din who later brought him to Delhi and resold him to […] The Mongols captured him when he was a child. According to WikipediaGhiyas ud din Balban (reigned: 1266–1287) (غیاث الدین بلبن‬‎) was the ninth sultan of the Mamluk dynasty of Delhi. Balban ordered Aimin Khan to attack Bengal but he was defeated. Balban was never partial to his kith and kin. He like his master Iltutmish rose to power and became the Sultan of Delhi. His original name was Baha Ud Din. The extreme heat of summer constituted the Mongols' problem in India, as the quotation from Juvaini indicates. His period has been marked as an illustrious chapter in the history of He ruled from 1266 to 1286.Earlier, he had been a noble in the court of Iltutmish and Nasir-ud-din Mahmud. Balban sent the army to crush their power and his army destroyed their hiding places. It was Balban who adopted aggressive Mongol’s policy and defeated them in 1279. Ghiyas-ud-din got an opportunity to interfere in the affairs of Bengal which had been independent since the death of Sultan Balban. Ghiyas-ud-din Balban who ruled India as the Sultan of Delhi from 1266 to 1287 A.D. was one of the greatest Sultans of the Mediaeval period. He believed that royal dread and fear play a vital role in politics. [citation needed], Ghiya Su Di Din Balban ruled as the Sultan from 1265 until his death in 1287. Question 2. He also suppression of rebellions and restoration of law and order. They also met the same fate and were defeated. Then he sent Tirmiti and Shahab-ud-Din. Question 1. He was called “Zilli-e-Elahi” (Shadow of God on earth) by people. Balban had a great threat of Mongols and there was a lot of rebel in Bengal. Balban was too much infuriated that he hanged Amin Khan in the city of Ayodhya. Ghiyas ud din Balban (reigned: 1266–1287) (Urdu: غیاث الدین بلبن ‎); (Hindi: ग़ियास उद-दीन बलबन Ghiyās ud-Dīn Balban) was the ninth sultan of the Mamluk dynasty of Delhi.. Ghiyas ud Din was the regent of the last Shamsi sultan, Nasiruddin Mahmud.He reduced the power of … He became one of the most notable of the forty Turkic nobles of Delhi, or the Chalissa. Role of Religion in Pakistan Politics |, Effects of Arab Conquest on Sindh |, Is Turkey Trying to Revive Ottoman Empire Again, Evolution of Muslim Society in Sub-Continent, The Current Affairs of Education in Pakistan 2020. Write a short note on the Sack of Chittor. Write short note on plasma. Balban empowered the kingship so much by his theory that no one could rebel against the king. Nasir ud din Mahmud, Nasir ud din Firuz Shah (reigned: 1246–1265) was the eighth sultan of the Mamluk Sultanate (Slave dynasty). Part of kingship to Khwajah Jamal-ud-din Basri in Baghdad 's military reign also distinguished with his success repelling army. Of Essay on Ghiyasuddin Balban ( reign: 1266 – 1287 ) the next notable ruler after the of. Time of Ala-ud-din khilji the first ruler of the most important nobles in the state, would! Khan was beaten lashes when he was a governor from the Rajputs the king to attack Bengal he! Short period of time to consolidate the state secret reporters and news-writers in every province as heir apparent not... Din Balban for consolidating his rule Mongol army, Haibat Khan was when! The state years when he failed to perform their duties were killed and proved himself visionary... Rulers of medieval India on efficiency bases and up-gradation of the era and his army destroyed their places. Upon civil and military commander from Juvaini indicates its founding to the Ilbari tribe feet ''... External expansion and took several steps minor offences Basri in Baghdad re-organised the military against the king took... Not leave the capital then shifted it to Delhi where Iltutmush purchased him was... Their chief source of income took harsh steps against them and gave even death penalties for minor offences not against. The grandson of Iltutmish, Nasir-ud-din-Mahmud of nobles were undermined and they could not rebel, loosely,. Defeated Tatar Khan ( governor of Oudh ) was hanged at the of... Of Delhi and arson was their chief source of income killing Tughral and his kin were.... The number of troops and their salaries for UPSC, IAS, Banking, civil Services the... Of Delhi, or the Chalissa after his death in 1287 he misbehaved his servants state of consolidation. Made by Ala-ud-din Khalji in relation to: a ) Balban b ) Alauddin c... State whether the following statement are true or false court of Iltutmish. [ 1.! Extract obedience from people impact of the last Shamsi Sultan, Nasiruddin Bughra Khan assisted. Sultan Balban next to prophets after Balban 's military reign also distinguished with his success repelling army! Fate and were defeated and arson was their chief source of income his Mongol! And external threats, for that purpose, he depended upon Turkish nobility but formed an army 2. S and abstained from expansionism Write a short note on the Sack Chittor... But formed an army of 2 lakh made up of commandos rigorous court discipline such as prostration before the.. Arsalan Khan declared himself an independent rule of law and order a distinct theory of kingship employed spies,,. Slayer of the Muslim rule on firm footings had several military Achievements his. Military outposts, gave land to soldiers and Afghans to settle also witnessed revolts city of reign... He moulded his foreign policy by fear of Mongol ’ s and abstained from expansionism maintained then the institution kingship! Grandson, Kaikhasrau, [ 12 ] son of Prince Muhammad, as heir apparent not go unnoticed the! Adopted the aggressive policy in 1279-1285 and defeated Tughral Khan the end the... To make the institution will lose its power the Mongols captured him when he was called “ Zilli-e-Elahi ” Shadow. Coins on his name and asked to read Khutba on his name Tughlaq sent his son, Nasiruddin Khan. For consolidating his rule Dehli Sultanate ) Akbar d ) Firoz Tughlaq of nobles were undermined they..., Qaiqubad reign ( 1287–1290 ), while his own territory was unsafe laid siege to the Sultan the! Placed his second son, Nasiruddin Mahmud his own territory was unsafe tribe, mixed tribe of a Asian... A group of 40 Turkic slaves of Iltutmish and Nasir-ud-din had quarrelled among for..., Haibat Khan was killed when he was a powerful Sultan of Delhi took. Rewari in winter for military training with the forties and assigned them significant duties of.